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GIMLET Swivel Chair

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Be it your home or your office, having a comfortable swivel chair in place can relieve a lot of worries, including bodily pains. The Gimlet Swivel chair is the perfect swivel chair. Light weight, set on five different wheels to allow for easy movement and a simplistic seating design, the Guimlet is perfect in all regards. This chair personifies functionality and pragmatism. It includes a polyurethane foam seat to allow for maximum comfort while a contrasting aluminum colored and painted metallic structure provides visual enhancements. The Gimlet Swivel Chair is available with an arm rest and without it too.

There is a height adjustment lever located on the underside of the chair, while the swivel works freely without the application of excessive force. This ensures that the Gimlet swivel chair moves around freely without much of a difficulty at all. The Gimlet Swivel chair can be used in offices or at home, and has a slight recline in the back which allows you to relax yourself. The polyurethane foam seat is slightly curved from the sides in order to make sure that your seating is as comfortable as possible. Designed by Jorge Pensi, this is the working man's best companion on long days.

Jorge Pensi