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The non-swiveling counterpart of its office chair, the Gimlet line of furniture consists of seating options that are highly pragmatic, easy to use and maintain. The Gimlet is a polyurethane seat that is made for domestic, office and contractual usage, and features a very simplistic design. The Gimlet features a polyurethane foam seat, which is set on a metallic structure that is coated and painted with an aluminum finish. This chair features a curved back support, and even the seat is slightly raised from all sides in order to ensure a smooth, comfortable and relaxing finish. This chair gives new meaning to the phrase 'take a seat'! The metallic structure is beautifully designed, with the rear legs placed at a set angle in order to ensure maximum stability while seated.

The Gimlet seat can prove to be a great addition to any surroundings; be it a conference hall, a reception area or your dining room. It is available in several different colors as well, hence ensuring that it blends well in the surroundings. Functional, simplistic and stylish, the Gimlet chair by Jorge Pensi is going to be a sure fire hit wherever it is placed, and matches well with any other furniture.

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