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Office furniture needs to invoke creativity, but it should also be efficient and comfortable. Depending upon the nature of the work in the office, the office material should portray a distinct outlook. The Gimlet is a set of small, minimalistic designed stools that have a curved chair for a greater grip for the seated person. There are four feet that extend from the center of the seat, creating a very beautiful outlook. The Gimlet has a chromed foot ring running in the center of the feet, while the feet of the steel are made from fine quality aluminum. The seat is made of recyclable polyurethane.

Easy to move around, comfortable to sit on and very easy to clean up, the Gimlet stools are perfect for use in office environments, but can also serve their purpose in bars, coffee shops and restaurants. The Gimlet coffee chair is a quite useful in homes as well, and because of their light weight, can be picked up by one hand and passed around. The Gimlet was primarily designed to save space and provide a very convenient seating option. The Gimlet is available in a number of different colors, and can be a perfect addition to any office environment.


Jorge Pensi