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Simple, effiicient and stylish, the FLOD stool is created from polyethylene, and is a seamless fit in bars, restaurants and coffee shops. It can also be used for domestic purposes, and adds a unique touch of modernity and style to its surroundings. The FLOD stool has a curved back, which looks sculpted. The design of this stool is extremely beautiful, as it has a curvacious hole in the middle due to the curving design. All of the material that has been used in the creation of this stunning piece of furniture was recycled, making this an eco- friendly product.

The FLOD stool is originally available in a white color, but there is a choice of going for a matte black finish or a slightly yellow finish. The seat is slightly raised from the back to allow your lower body to get a bit of support while seated. The stool curves inwards from the front, allowing the seated person to place their feet on the sloping bottom. The base of the stool has been reinforced and has been created with a lot of ingenuity in order to ensure that the stool maintains its balance at all points, making it a very fine addition to any room.


Martín Azúa / Gerard Moliné