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Inspired by the behemoth structure that keeps watch all over the capital city of France, this is a small tribute to one of the greatest architectural feats in the history of mankind. The Eiffel aluminum is a minimalistic, artistic stool that is made completely out of aluminum, hence it is usable either indoors or out doors. Because of its stack able nature, you can easily place one on top of the other and keep it aside for use later on. It doesn't even take up a lot of space. Unlike conventional stools, this one has three legs, similar to the Eiffel tower. This stool is highly ergonomic, and is quite comfortable to sit on as well. The three legs allow for a greater level of movement while you are seated as compared to a four legged one, primarily because the leg room is not limited on each side by a chair leg, as is the case with a four legged stool.

The Eiffel aluminum is available in three different versions; the standard aluminum stool, the aluminum painted and the kids version, which is painted in colorful variations in order to capture a child's imagination.

Shigeki Fujishiro