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This small stool was made available in two different materials; aluminum and an eco friendly recycled material. This one is made out of the latter. The Eiffel stool is created purely from materials that are friendly to the environment, made out of pure pulp and recycled paper. The material used in the creation of this minimalistic stool is durable, flexible and easy to move around, making it the perfect arrangement for your home or your office. It might look flimsy, but its strength will surprise you. As the name suggests, this minimalistic stool is inspired from the original Eiffel Tower. Now, even though the original tower has four legs, this one has three. However, this allows greater flexibility as your movement isn't restricted by a chair leg on each side. The stability of this stool is next to none, and its stackable nature allows you to easily place one over the other and put them to one side. The stool takes several design cues from its real life inspiration, and features connected legs that are similar to the original design. Available in several different colors, the Eiffel stool is a great choice for any home or office environment, and has a very efficient design.

Shigeki Fujishiro