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As water touches water, the drips create a rippling effect. The mesmerizing manner in which these circles expand not only gives a very beautiful view, but it also has a very attractive view. The calmness reflected in the slight expansion of the ripples paints a beautiful picture, and this picture has been perfectly captured in this set of tables, aptly titled Drops. The waves are beautifully embossed in to the top of the table, creating a beautiful, almost hypnotic effect. There's no doubt that the artistic prowess in these tables is next to none. The sizes of the tables are also thoughtfully designed, as the smaller table can be seamlessly slotted beneath the bigger one to create a simple, space saving fit.

These beautifully designed tables are created from a solid steel structure and are covered with polyester paint in order to provide a smooth finish. Thanks to the top of ABS with PMMA coating, the steel structure also ensures maximum resistance to the rays of the sun. The Drops table is designed for use outside, and provides a beautiful view. Easy to move around, and easy to clean up, this beautiful piece of offering from Stone Designs is in a class of its own.


Steel structure treated for exterior use and covered in polyester paint with a smooth finish. Top of ABS with PMMA coating (Maximum resistance to the sun’s rays). Suitable for exterior use.


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