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Inspired from nordic designs, the Danesa is a perfect chair for use in waiting areas in hospitals, company lobbies, halls and geriatric centers, amongst various others. This unique arm chair features a very functional design that looks quite homely to the eyes, though the addition of a few subtle touches here and there really set this arm chair apart. The arm chair features wooden arm rests and wooden feet. The upholstery can be chosen, and is available with one, or two different colors to provide a distinct touch. The Danesa arm chair was created by JM Massana/ JM Tremoleda and Eduard Juanola, two of the most prominent designers in Spain.

The Danesa arm chair features an extended seat that makes it extremely comfortable for individuals who like sitting for long periods of time, and the slight curved arm rests make the Danesa a very comfortable chair. The back support is slightly tilted, creating an ergonomic design that relieves the pressure points in your body. The Danesa is a perfect addition for any office or lobby, and is originally available with light colored wood and a maroon upholstery. The Danesa arm chair can also be used in homes as a conventional seat.


JM Massana - JM Tremoleda - Eduard Juanola