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Salvador Dali was one of the finest surrealist painters of his time, and he created a movement that was hard to stop. To this day, Dali's mark on this world remains as bright as ever. Back in 1972, at the peak of his artistic prowess, the famous artist teamed up with Oscar Tusquets in order to create one of the most unique looking sofa designs of its time; in the shape of a mouth, or the lips to be specific. BD Barcelona Design hold the exlusive rights to the marketing of this stunning combination of art and comfort. Dali created this originally for the Mae West room at the Dali Museum in Figueres. However, this stunning design could not be put in to industrial production at that time, and three decades had to pass before the Dali Lips became available to the public.

This is a two seat sofa made from polyethylene using the highest quality or rotational moulding technology. Available in red and pink colors, the Dali Lips are the perfect mouth in which you would want to sink into. Comfort, eye catching and extremely beautiful, this two seater sofa is sure to catch the imagination of anybody who sits on it.

© Salvador Dalí / Fundación Gala-Salvador Dalí.

Salvador Dalí

2004 (1972)