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In almost every household, ashtrays play a very important role. Sitting between a bunch of friends, you definitely need a functional ash tray that allows you to easily dispense the ash from your cigarette. Created by Andre Ricard, these set of 4 highly functional ash trays are extremely easy to use, robust and have a very economical design. Available in a set of four, in black and red, these ash trays can be stacked on top of one another. The minimalistic design of the Copenhagen ash trays. Ricard has redefined the importance of the beauty portrayed by simplistic things such as ashtrays, and the stylish outlook as well as the space saving design of the Copenhagen ash trays make them an amazing addition to any coffee/ dining table.

The Copenhagen ash tray has also won the Silver Delta Award of 1966 as well as the Delta Award in 1986, further establishing its uniqueness on the table. The colors of the Copenhagen ash trays are extremely smooth and well designed, and are created from a robust plastic material that makes them perfect for use in everyday life. These Copenhagen ash trays are excellent and created for long lasting use. They can be washed easily as well.


André Ricard