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Meet the new generation of bean bags. Enter the chorus! A stylish combination of a beautifully designed piano, placed elegantly on four wooden legs made out of bench wood. The legs are removable, allowing you to place the bean bag on the ground and lie on it. Made completely in the capital city of Catalunya, Spain, the Chorus is a sure fire way to become a hit with your children, or you can place it in the dining room or your lounge to add a bit of funk to the surroundings. Chorus has a rectangular shape, and is painted with a full fledged piano face on top, complete with the volume rockers, adjustment buttons and a 3d piano keys. Turn over to the side, and the cross section of the Chorus reveals the 'model of the piano' as well as 3d ports for connecting the jacks and the leads. This stunning attention to detail is what sets the Chorus apart from a conventional bean bag. The outside cover of this beautiful bean bag is made from ultra resistant technical fabric, to ensure that it suffers no tears or damages at all.

Structure: bench wood with removable legs
Sizes: 120 x 45 x 38 cm Volume: 0,1 m3
Origin: 100% Made in Barcelona