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Cestita and Cesta are two siblings, designed and created by Miguel Mila. Similar in appearance to a significant extent, the Cestita is a stylish, intricately designed lantern that is made exclusively by hand and is created with a pinus merkusii wooden structure, while the inner shade is made out of an opal white technical polymer. The oval shaped design, the unique outlook as well as the light colored wooden structure that supports the globe within paints a beautiful picture. Equally ideal for either being placed on floors or on table tops, this uniquely designed lamp is a testament to the creativity of the human design. It looks like a large sized egg with a slight variation in design, encased beautifully in a proper covering. The handle at the top can be used to move the lantern around. The warm glow given out by this majestic lamp makes it a real attraction in any room. The Cestita is extremely easy to move here and there. The robust wooden structure protects the dome of the lamp from any external damage, and the four feet on which the Cestita stands are adequately designed to provide proper balance on each side, preventing tilting of any sort.

Migel Mila

2013 / 1962