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We were very young when we used to hear stories about magic lanterns as well as what they could do. They always captured our imaginations, and played an integral part in stories filled with magic, elves, goblins and fairies. This was the inspiration of Miguel Mila, who designed the Cesta lantern. A beautifully designed and meticulously polished cherry wood structure covers the outer region of the lam, while a light globe created out of pure, white opal lampshade is placed within. The simple, yet stylish design provides a unique outlook to a standard lamp, and also allows you to use the Cesta as a table lamp or as a floor lamp. The oval shape of the lamp as well as the curved handle placed at the top of the lamp make it an extremely easy to carry object lamp. As beautiful and stylish as the Cesta looks, the functionality and practicality of this lamp has not been compromised upon. This is a lamp after all, and it provides a beautiful, warm glow from within the opal white lampshade. The lamp has a connector located on its underside, which establishes the electrical connection required to illuminate this gorgeously designed lamp.

Migel Mila