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Let your imagination run loose! If you are an avid reader and need a uniquely designed book shelf that is just to your liking, why not design one for yourself? The By Yourself Set 25 is designed to provide you with the liberty to do just that! With 25 different, individual modules to design from, you can build your bookshelf however you want, in whatever shape you desire. But that's not all. The base is robust and sturdy, and can easily hold the weight of as many books as you put on the shelf. The design of the shelf is eternally dynamic; change it whenever you get bored!

There are 4 screws that are used to keep each module in place with each other. Available in a stylish white set of 24 individual modules along with 1 red module, the By Yourself Set 25 has a slight incline on each module to allow onlookers to get an idea of its movements. The shelf was created with steel, with polyester paint that has a light textured finish. An option of decorative modules are also available in a color that is similar to the modules located at the back of the bookshelf.


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