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   The first thing that comes to your mind when you look at this ingenious design is its uniqueness. With a single curved steel rod connected with a cushion to provide support for your back, the Burger literally calls you to sit down on it. The bottom of the Burger is all cushion, though there is a solid base which allows you to place it anywhere without worry of the cushion losing shape. The finest upholstery has been used in the creation of this stylish sofa. As you sit yourself down on the Burger, the steel back support begins to accept your weight, and you can easily lean back. The Burger provides more than enough space for one person to easily relax.

   For individuals, the Burger is a great option. It can easily be placed in home premises or commercial promises, and matches well with all other kinds of furniture in the room. Available in a light gray design, the Burger can be a great addition to your living room, lounge or even your bedroom. It can prove to be the perfect partner for those who like to read in peace. The Burger was designed by Stone Designs, and is definitely worth the money.


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