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The perfect companion for the Belloch Chairs, the Belloch table is the new entry to the line of Belloch furniture that was created in the design studios of Lagranja. The Belloch Table is available in two elegant shapes; the Belloch Cuadrada (Square) and the Belloch Rectangular. The edges are slightly curved, while the legs of the table are made from sturdy beech wood. The lower structure of the Belooch tables is quite solid; a metallic crosspiece makes sure that the table holds its own against decent weights. The cross piece also joins all of the legs of the table together. However, credit to the design of the table, the cross piece is so thin that it looks absolutely invisible to the casual eye. You have to bend over and look underneath to actually spot it. There's a lot of leg room underneath the table. The Belloch Table is a simply designed table that comes with minimal adornments; the perfect partnership between the Belloch chairs. The top is made out of a core white color.
The dimensions of the two models are as follows:

Belloch Square: 110 cm x 110 cm x 73h cm
Belloch Rectangular: 110 cm x 180 cm x 73 cm.