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Talk about conventional design and stylish structure. Borne out of a need to create a stylish, simplistic yet a very pragmatic chair that could be used both outdoors as well as indoors, the Belloch Chair combines all of the design traits that you would expect to see in a top of the line chair. Created in the design studios of Lagranja, this stylish chair takes a lot of design cues from Ray and Charles Eames. It makes use of a combination of different materials like recyclable plastic, wood as well as aluminum in order to create a beautiful and relaxing chair.

The Belloch Chair was originally available in grey, brown and white, while a newer, black version is also available. The beauty of its design lies in the fact that this chair can be used in a variety of different places, ranging from office spaces to your own home. The material used in the seat and the back is technical polymer, while the indoor version features legs made out of natural beech wood. The outdoor version comes with matte anodized aluminum legs. These chairs are stackable, making them highly space efficient. The stylish design looks absolutely beautiful and is also very light weight.