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Meet simplicity. Meet uniqueness. Meet an elegantly designed single seating module that longs to be in a group. Inspired by the cells of a honeycomb, this is a stylishly designed single seat module that not only looks beautiful, but also provides a very comfortable seating experience. Place it side by side with each other, or buy a whole group and place them altogether to create a realistic looking honeycomb in your house!

The Bee Colour seat modules can also be stacked one over the other, creating a beautiful honeycomb design. The Bee Colour comes with a removable cover. Available in a number of different shades ranging from light yellow to dark orange, much like its original inspiration. Designed and created by the RS Team, this thoughtful piece of furniture acts as a perfect decorative piece and display for any environment. The Bee Colour seat module is available with stacking brackets as well, allowing you to place them one over the other to create a beautiful display. Use them in your office or place them in your lounge, the Bee Colour seating modules are a perfect addition to any environment. They look especially beautiful in surroundings that are painted in white.

The RS Team