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   Created from a polyethylene shell and complemented with a chromed steel finish, the Basket stackable armchair is your best friend outdoors. Lightweight, sturdy and comfortable to sit on, this minimalistic design is designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation to those who sit on it. The efficient design allows people to stack them on top of one another, hence ensuring minimal use of space. The slightly lifted back is designed to provide a bit of support for your back, hence ensuring maximum relaxation.

   Simplicity is class. And the Basket stackable armchair designed by Ramos- Bassols certainly proves that. Available in black or white, the Basket stackable armchair can be placed outside in gardens, in dining rooms or can be used in lounges for extra seating. These chairs are extremely lightweight and easy to move around. The design of the chair allows the feet to be tucked in one another, hence ensuring no protruding edges. There's support for keeping your arms as well, with a contoured edge which ensures that the edges do not cut in to your skin while your arms are resting against them. These chairs are flexible enough, providing you with the freedom to move back and forth while seated. Available in a set of 4 chairs.