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ASA is all about utility, style and class. Having survived the test of time for over fifty years, this stylishly designed lamp by Miguel Mila was first introduced back in 1961, as one of the first offerings by Mila for his collection entitled TRAMO (Trabajos Molestos, or 'Annoying Jobs'). This was at the time when Mila had set up his own company to promote his artistic prowess and talents. The ASA is currently republished by Santa and Cole, which holds the rights to the original version that was introduced in black color along with a button as well as the all white version which was introduced later on.

The handle shaped structure of the ASA is one of the most nifty features that you will come across in any lamp of its kind, and allows you to move anywhere you want with the lamp while still providing adequate illumination. The white of black structure of the lamp comes with a matte finish, while the lampshade is made out of white translucent methacrylate. It is available in two distinct colors, white and black, and looks stunning in both. Get this beautifully designed lamp and own a piece of history. It is perfect for homes or office usage

Miguel Milá