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ARNE - LED Street Lamp

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Although its discrete dimensions, ARNE Street Lamp can house several LED plates, with optical units for street or flood light distribution, and an adjustable power supply, light intensity and colour temperature. Its energy efficiency gives it a useful life of 60,000 hours.
Arne Jacobsen had a longstanding reputation as a leading figure in Danish design and, by extension, in the basic formalisation of Nordic style: elegant shapes, material sobriety and functional quality. He was also an outstanding illuminator. Our ARNE floodlight invokes that spirit, seeking to be used as catenary, a wall lamp, a hanging spotlight or a floodlight fixed to a column–free for all uses possible.
With 360º rotation, ARNE can be used to highlight anything, be it monuments, trees or buildings.
As well as its pleasant coexistence with RAMA and CANDELA, ARNE is the recommended floodlight to provide the SARA and LATINA light structures with new, more efficient luminaires.

Santa & Cole Team