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In normal terminology, 'amigo' means friend. Here, however, AMIGO stands for Aplique Miguel y Gonzalo, or rather, the Miguel's and Gonzalo's ceiling lamp. This is the first ever joint project undertaken by the team of father and son, providing the perfect representation of two differing generations of Spanish architectural design. The AMIGO lamp is available in three different sizes; small (31 cm), medium (41 cm) and large (62 cm). The functionality of this stylish lamp is truly incomparable with any other. The AMIGO lamp provides fluorescence with a complete seal while diffusing luminosity by making use of a vertical shade that keeps all insects at bay and also provides protection for the fitting of this lamp. Resembling a halo, this gorgeous lamp looks absolutely wonderful in the night time, and also prevents any sort of lateral dazzling. There is nothing superfluous about this lamp, this is as original as it gets. It comes with a white metallic structure that looks absolutely stunning.

There's a cylindrical translucent methacrylate diffuser with the lamp as well, while a fluorescent T5-R 2GX13 lamp lights within. This is truly a work of art, and is capable of being installed in houses or offices with a simple ceiling.

Gonzalo Milá / Lorenzo Milá/a>