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About Barcelonaconcept

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barcelonaconcept is the platform online which is encompassing an offer of design products of seven Catalan decor manufacturers in private and public spaces.

barcelonaconcept is lifestyle of one of the most important capitals of design, it’s comfort, it’s a transfer to the unique ambient of Barcelona.

In “Indoor”, we suggest to get to know the wide range of furniture, lighting, piece goods and accessories that reflect the incredible atmosphere of this Mediterranean city.

In “Outdoor”, we present the elements of street furniture which for years have been decorating the urban spaces of Barcelona. Many of our products are made out of renewable and ecological materials that hold the EcoDesign ISO 14006 certificate and combine modern technology with a care for environment.

We invite all decorators, interior architects, designers and everyone who loves design to participate in our projects.

We provide support and extensive experience in collaboration with interior designers in Barcelona and other West European countries in projects like: hotels, stores, pubs, restaurants, libraries as well as private houses.

We guarantee professional service, reliable information and help in designing.

Agata Lewandowska / Albert Carrilero